Pink and Blue Smoothies

June 29, 2010 § 1 Comment

I have one of these smoothies every day. They are an awesome breakfast or a great afternoon tea just by themselves. Children love them, too. Here’s a pic of my A enjoying hers. 😉

In a blender place:

  • 1 frozen banana *they have to be frozen so that they give off that ice-cream like texture, non-frozen ones can be a bit sour and pasty*
  • 1/2 cup blueberries (for purple) or 1/2 cup raspberries (for pink)
  • 1 tbsp raw organic honey
  • 2 tbsp natural yogurt
  • 2 ice cubes
  • about 1/3 cup milk – we use either rice milk or cows milk
  • 2 tbsp LSA (Linseed Sunflower Almond all ground up) – you can learn about the benefits of LSA here

Now just whizz it all up for about 30 seconds til it’s smooth.  And that’s it! You’re done.

It makes enough for about 3 medium cups.

Enjoy. 😀


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