A quick post on Artisan Boule bread

April 21, 2010 § 1 Comment

Cos I’m lazy and CBF retyping it all out..

This link gives a clear guide on how to make the most basic form of no-knead breading using 4 ingredients.

I highly recommend buying the book which can be found here. The book has artisan style pizza doughs, flat breads, peasant loaves, sweet breads, pastries.. all kinds of yummy things.

Happy baking! Please give it a go and report back.

This recipe has never let me down and often times I change by making it 4 cups wholemeal/2 1/2 cups plain. Organic stone ground flour, of course. Both of which can be bought in bulk at independent distributors, we buy from Basic Ingredients.

Oh and if you don’t have a pizza stone, that’s OK. Use some waxed paper and then slide that onto a baking tray instead and you’ll be fine. Oh and I don’t use cornmeal for underneath the loaf – plain flour works just fine. And I like to add seeds to the slices in the bread on top, too. Delish. And preheating the oven for 20 minutes is all I do, as well.

Have fun!


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